Friday, October 9

Porto drawings

Today I got the chance to scan a few drawings from my Porto sketchbooks to show you. We were told to make drawings and observations that we can work from now that we're back, so most look unfinished but it's for a reason, honest!
We had all our books out at uni today to look at each others' work and there are some lovely things starting to happen for all of us. It's like springtime, we're all starting to blossom! We also had the crit for the collections project this afternoon and my tea towel went down really well. 

I've been set loads of work to do for next week, including a poster I've been commissioned to make for a local community arts event but it has to be done by Weds and I've not even had the brief yet! I'm on the honey and lemon in preparation as I feel the lurgy coming on and simply don't have the time to indulge it. 

Have a good (and lurgy-free) weekend all, I hope you're up to something nice and car-boot related... Tchau! 


Rebecca said...

I wish I could draw like that! it was my weaker point at college, the visusl research that was meant to influence and develop a project. I studied textiles, (contemporary applied arts) and found my better work comes from experimentation. I absolutely love your drawings, they are so free!

nath said...

oh, i do love looking in sketchbooks. your drawings are wonderful. i especially love the architecture sketches. and i love, LOVE, the unfinished look of them all. well done Anna!

weird - my word verification is portw!

louloulovesbooks said...

I love the bird cages and the typography...don't you think sketches bring back more memories than photographs because you have to look harder?
These are lovely evocative studies. Can't wait to see what you are going to do next...
And of course I am well jell that your scanner works, I'm lost without mine. Shopping for me this weekend. ugh.

Anna Betts said...

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like. It's always a bit scary putting sketches up as they're so personal. But Lou I think you're right, drawings give you so much more than photos which are already compressed. With drawing you can leave out ugly bits, pick out colour and annotate to help yourself later on. We were advised not to bring big expensive cameras so my very nice canon digital slr stayed at home. Instead I bought 3 crappy 99p disposable cameras, and I'll get the photos back today. I'm kind of excited to see film quality again after so long!

suzie chaney said...

It's so great to get to peak inside someone elses sketchbook, often artists can be a bit cagey about that sort of thing as they are such pirvate spaces. Thanks for the peek!
Your comments make me yearn so much for being back at art school, I really, really miss that buzz.

You will probably get a wonderful suprise when you get your pics back, I'm completely seduced by shooting film now!

Nicky said...

Thanks for posting photos of your sketchbook. I do realise it is quite a personal thing. I really like the variety, and how you play with different media, the observation of the colours, the architecture,....Thanks!

Francesca said...

love your drawings anna. especially love the top one with the text. x