Tuesday, May 26

Pretty houses

My little collage (top right corner) has been featured in this beautiful treasury put together by Elsie Marley. I love everything she's chosen and her own cute soft toys. Thanks Elsie!

I'm itching to get some new things on Etsy but until the weather picks up a bit there's no point me taking photos. Fingers crossed for this afternoon!


louloulovesbooks said...

I'm waiting to take photos too...come on the sun. I've been away and missed loads of your lovely posts, until I can get snapping I'm going to catch up with all my blogs.
(secretly loving rainy Tuesdays)

nath said...

aw, that's jolly nice isn't it? i'm getting all excited about getting my own little boutique up and running - work starts this afternoon!

blue moss said...

congrats on the etsy treasury. i love your creations!!!
my husband bought one for me (from art and light in greenville, sc) for our anniversary and i love it so much!!!
all the best