Friday, May 22

Before and After

After I saw Heather's post yesterday I thought it might be fun to show the chairs I've just recovered. Compared to Heather's professional job they are rather low budget but I love the duck egg blue fabric I found in John Lewis and how it works with the colour of the wood. The colour came to me when I was sewing my quilt and had my lovely old Singer sewing machine out. The colour of it against the elm of the table top looked yummy! I'm pretty chuffed with the chairs, let's just hope we don't spill red wine on them now - we're having a party next week!


Francesca said...

i love that duck egg blue. what's that lovely font you've used in the after pic? it caught my eye!

Bee Designs said...

They look great and your quilt on the previous post is fantastic, i'm going to have to have a go at one myself now. What has Kirsty done to us?

Teresa Roche said...

The new pieces are so fabulous! I'm hoping you will send more for the gallery. I only have 4 left.
Hope your party was fabulous and fun!
art & light