Thursday, May 28

Party time!

We had a really cute party on Tuesday night which was a cross between your average house party and a village fete. It was a cool combination though! I enjoyed making and putting up the bunting, making fairy cakes (which didn't rise well but looked alright once iced - I've never been much of a cake-maker!) and making rum punch. The table football set was a freebie from a lady on our street who was throwing it away! It looks brand new so that was a fun addition to our living room for the evening. I say that, it's actually still set up and probably will be a permanent feature... 

I've also been working on some new collages which were inspired by the party, which I shall be listing on Etsy shortly. They were so fun to make I can see myself doing more if people like them. 

Hope you're having a happy Thursday whatever you are up to, and have a great weekend!

1 comment:

nath said...

oh, well that's a very sweet looking party! did it get at all messy or did you keep the village fete vibe going all night long?!