Saturday, May 16

In the very beginning

My quilt was a pile of squares. I cut them all by hand with scissors which was probably a bad idea abut I didn't have one of those wheely cutter things. I did use a template but having now sewn all the bits together it appears that those extra millimeters here and there make all the difference! 

Nice colours though I reckon, mainly whites but quite a few turquoises and a few bright red and white stripey panels. Lots of the white bits are old lacey tablecloths and placemats that had old stains on that wouldn't budge so I chopped them up. A little sacrilegious I know but they'd just sit in a cupboard not being looked at otherwise. I suspect it will turn out rather more shabby than chic but that's fine by me. It's not as though I'm selling it, and I quite like that it's my first attempt at quilting and will be a bit rustic....


Deb said...

hello anna. thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. i have been following yours for a little while now - bit unsure how i found it but nevermind. hope you are settling into your new home ok. have fun with making your quilt. dx.

sweetly lovely afternoon said...

There's something very special about making your first quilt and I love that you cut each piece by hand. The fact that it's a bit "rustic" only adds to the charm.

PS: I enjoy your blog very much. I was happily surprised when I came upon it. I will be back often with my cup of tea!:)