Saturday, May 29

Rain rain go away!

Oh, why must it rain today?
I was getting used to wearing sunscreen and sandals. Nevermind. Here are some cheery things from the last few days - some wooden flashcards with faces and vegetables that I might turn into badges, and a couple of new diamond collages for Etsy.

Did anyone just see this in the paper? Amazing!


nath said...

yes! just been cooing over those balloon myself! amazing!

also i want one of the badges. let me know when they're on sale!

Francesca said...

wow! what a crazy man! love it. great face and veg too. x

red-handed said...

Fun, despite the rain.

Victoria Whincup said...

Wow! That's quite amazing. I like the winking face the most I think.

Anonymous said...

uh nice pictures! :--)