Wednesday, May 12


I just wanted to mark today as the day I handed in all my second year work for my degree. I'm now two thirds of the way through and it's equally exciting and terrifying. I worked really hard this year and have had some great successes I think. I was so chuffed the moment I handed it all over and felt all the more special for being with lovely friends doing the same.

Bring on Summer, holidaying in Istanbul, reading on the beach, barbecues and bare feet on grass - but first - celebratory drinks!


louloulovesbooks said...

Bottoms Up!
Well done, it all looks amazing and you HAVE worked hard. Schools out for summer?

Deb said...

well done. now take some time to enjoy yourself, prepare a bit for your third year. i hope you have a great holiday in Turkey - i am going at the end of May. Sketchbok and camera is a must!dx.

Rebecca Nicholson said...

they evoke the feelings i get when watching 'Paris when it sizzles' & when i read the James Bond books by Ian Fleming (my favourite feelings :) )