Tuesday, June 2

I've just bought...

This. I've treated myself as I got a 1st for my year's work at university!! I'm so happy, and as a special bonus, Jacob is cooking me a mysterious (yet delicious smelling) dinner and we have fizzy wine! Hip hip hooray!
Here are a few examples of how others have treated their letterpress trays:

I love this lovely inky one on Taylor Groneck's blog

Greenwich Letterpress featured on Design Sponge

Jennifer DeDonato at Colorfly Studio

And the way Kristin Perkins displays her jewellery.

Update: I just looked at this post next to yesterday's one with my full stops collage and realised my love of repeated forms and order is really showing at the moment! OCD anyone? 


ohh kate! said...

i have one tooooo! theyre so lovely!


ohh kate! said...

ah! yes the name change does throw people a bit! I don't really know how to reply to comments properly, it's all a bit confusing!
Do you know it was quite bizzare how i stumbled across your blog...
I was researching drypoint (i think or maybe it was lino prints) for my print making elective at uni and i clicked on one in google images that i liked, and i scrolled down on the original webpage it was from and there was your comment on it, i couldnt believe it was you! what a small world!

anyway, i really love your blog! you make such wonderful and lovely things.

Yes i'm finishing my first year at leeds college of art and design- i do graphic design and noddy (remember?) is doing visual communications at the same college! We live in a converted priests training college - it has turrets and stained glass windows! it's very pretty.
I think i'd like to go on to do a masters in illustration in a few years, illustration is definatley where my heart lies!

no, i didn't go to ipswich...noddy did though in 06/07. No, i went straight from a BTEC to BA, which means i one of the few only ninteen year olds on my course!

How are you? do you live in cambridge? me and noddy want to move there after our degree to set up a little business! it's such a nice place to be

p.s. i really really love your blue sewing machine :)

Krims Krams said...

Congratulations on your Ist! (and enjoy filling up all those little spaces!!)

Lynne said...

I made mine into a coffee table!


Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

Julie said...

My blog-mate Kirsty Neale just decorated one of those trays for our latest challenge here: http://thecopyandpasteproject.blogspot.com/ It's beautiful and I thought you might like to see it :)

Taylor said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out on my letterpress case! can't wait to see what you do with yours! :)