Thursday, June 11

Bargain hunting

So Lucie and I went round the charity shops in Cambridge on Tuesday and found some little gems! I love this Denby bowl and this Crown Ducal milk jug. The colour is so pretty! The little yellow cup was only 50p but will eventually have a little plant growing in it I suspect.  I also got a couple of quite heavy wooden trays that are like empty box frames of 16x16" which are begging to be painted and filled with stuff, maybe like Jospeh Cornell's boxes which I have a bit of a thing for. I may omit the bird stuff, but I like all the balls and moving parts he used to include.

I am currently rather jealous of this found by Francesca, I even think I had a dream about it last night! I can't wait to see what she does with it! I'm also excited to see what Lucie's been doing with her vintage finds from Tuesday, she found some great things which I'm sure she'll be showing off soon, it was a bumper day of bargains!


nath said...

what fun!

i'm also coveting Francesca's house display thing (just WHAT is it called?)

our little love nest said...

I'm so loving that a friend of ours bought one of your pieces of work so that we could find you. I can so understand why you dreamed about the fun shadow box, it is really great! The ceramics are such gorgeous finds too. xo

RO.MA. said...

Just came across your blog! So cute!! Envious that you are studying illustration! I want to do that sooo bad! I will be applying to RCA for 2010 for illustration!! whoo knows... :/ what school do you go to? :)

Francesca said...

don't worry anna, i cracked your thai code! have a lovely weekend. x