Thursday, June 25

Hot Summer!

Don't you just love how hot colours look in the sun? It's unfortunately not something I get to see very often living in England but oranges and turquoises are just amazing in summer! Don't get me wrong, I think us Brits do understated elegance very well indeed, but sometimes a zing of Valencia orange or tropical blue can't be beaten. I found these old music score sheets in a second hand shop a few weeks ago with Lucie (I found the books there, not Lucie, can't put a price on her!) and have just been gawping at their colours since.  Then I bought a pair of bright red hand-blown glasses in a charity shop this week (one pictured) and it reminded me to make something of these bright colours. 

These ones are now in the shop.


lu summers said...

yep, i'm bloody priceless, me :) xxx

flowerpress said...

Hi Anna,
Jealous of your thrifting!
I always enjoy reading your blog :-) so please accept the Lemonade and Lovely Blog awards from me, to pass on if you feel so inspired! Susie

Ursula said...

Anna- thanks for using one of my favorite color combinations! It is like the blue bowl that I just got for $1 and filled with oranges...
anyway, I couldn't find your email address anywhere but wanted to show you this pick from flickr:

hope you were able to sew your go go boots to your tights! Sheesh... I could hardly believe my eyes!

natasha said...


I just bought one of your lined paper pencil cases and I love it. Your art is pretty lovely as well. Keep it up.


I have a print! said...


You make the most beautiful pics, I love your styling, choices of color and clean work ;-)

ROXY MARJ said...

ah! So jealous of your music score books! red/orange & black & cream together is one of my favorite color combos!!! :)