Thursday, June 18

A Different Perspective?

Since I started my degree and have been drawing from life more, I've realised how much I get a kick out of drawing with perspective and vanishing points in mind. I suppose it makes sense as I love geometric puzzles, linear drawing can be quite logical I suppose. In any case, it was only when I was trying to think how best to lay out my pieces for my parallelograms collage yesterday that I started thinking about traditional Chinese perspective and how it's different to western perspective in art.

The idea of layers and rows of similar objects really appeals to me and I think is evident in my work so far, and certainly in the objects I like to have around me - my letterpress tray a perfect example. Making landscapes using this rule of thumb hadn't really occurred to me before I made this new collage featuring bubble trees and houses with a mountain in the background. By simply arranging one layer below the last it creates simple perspective but I think there's something really oriental about it. I guess it's the mountain too, it just reminds me of a Hokusai painting where there is usually a presence of a large volcanic-looking mountain. 

This one is now in the shop.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog - very inspirational. You should use to sell your stuff.

our little love nest said...

This piece reminds me of Vancouver but then again I am so homesick. I love that you use repetition and have a little bit of an oriental feel to it.

louloulovesbooks said...

Loving your collages lately...and funnily I was thinking they had a Japanese aesthetic about them.

Lynne said...

Love those trees!

●• Tiny Red said...

really lovely :)
the perspective bit... i have a love x hate relationship with it. i suppose it comes from having a surreal head hehehe