Wednesday, April 22


Three letters I don't often write, but today's adventures at a second-hand furniture shop leave me no option! I've found the most freakin' amazing vintage 1960s Ercol table for the new flat! It was more than I wanted to pay but would still be considered an absolute steal by anyone's standards. It's top is solid elm and the legs are beech and I LOVE the curviness of it! Look at the grain!

In other news (i.e not related to my buying of vintage stuff), Teresa at Art and Light will be showing some of my collages next weekend in the gallery so fingers crossed for people liking them! I'm off now to finish an essay I'm writing on Olle Eksell and Paul Rand. Both worth checking out, amazing stuff... bye for now!


Francesca said...

great find lady.

do you know this little youtube paul rand clip? so lovely:

Teresa Roche said...

oh girl -- people do love them -- just sold the 4th piece today - hooray!!! Thank you for sending your amazing work to the carolinas!!
art & light gallery

AMM blog said...

Wow, sounds like a fun trip!

Louise said...

I have an Ercol coffee table that someone was throwing out, I've had it for years and have grown to really love it. You will never regret it, they are so well constructed. I finally got around to posting my five addictions at your invitation...Sounds like the collages are going well. Well done. I'm still getting my Etsy shop together, it's a lot of work and I want it to be right.