Monday, April 13

Exciting times!

Tomorrow is a big day for me and Jacob, as we're signing a lease to a new flat! It's very exciting as it'll be our first place together not sharing with housemates. I can't wait! Our moving day will be the weekend of the 2nd/3rd May so really badly timed insofar as my very final week of uni will be the following week, y'know the exact time all my coursework will still be in boxes....
Ho hum, nevermind I'm sure I'll get it sorted. In the meantime I'm packing stuff slowly but each time I seal a box, within 5 mins I realise I need something inside it! 

I managed to find a bit of spare time yesterday and made a couple more pencil cases, one of which is now listed
Hope you're having a nice long Easter weekend :)


Stickers and Stuff said...

Hey Anna,
you asked if I had any more images from Edward and the Horse, I am very sorry but I dont.
The book you have is fantastic I have a copy and I love it.
I may have a few other black and white images of his I will try to find them and post them next week.
Good luck with the project.

Nat said...

I love those quirky pencil cases. I notice they are made of oilcloth - do you reckon you could write on one with a marker or something? 'Cause that would be awesome!

Anna Betts said...
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Anna Betts said...

Hi Nat, I did once try drawing on oilcloth with a permanent marker but it did still wipe off. I guess this could be a cool feature though, if you were to use a felt tip you could write and re-write funny messages!