Friday, April 3

I've won an award too!

Yay! Francesca has awarded me a "Kreativ Blogger" award! Thank you! She's been careful not to sound like a diva actress at the Oscars on receiving her award but I have no such self control. Therefore, I'd like to thank the Academy, my parents (without their support none of this could be possible!) and of course God - I love you big guy.
I now have to list 7 things that I love. So here goes:

1. Waking up in the morning and cuddling the Mr - especially if I've forgotten it's a Saturday and was expecting to have to get up for work.
2. Learning new tricks. I've been practicing juggling lately after a friend taught me at uni. Those are tuition fees well spent in my view!
3. Feeling the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.
4. Driving in the country with my camera on the passenger seat and stopping whenever I spot something cool.
5. Charity shop shopping, the self-satisfaction of finding something amazing that someone didn't want anymore, something that you know you'll love for years.
6. A good book, because I genuinely believe you that you absorb everything around you and that it will somehow influence your work.
7. The joy of blogging, exploring and selling on the internet. I love you, world wide web

I'm now going to pass on the award to the following blog chums, congratulations folks!



belinda marshall said...

hi anna, enjoyed reading about your loves! thanks so much for the award :)

Louise said...

Dear Anna
Thanks for the award...I'm so crazybusy I haven't been blogging as much as I would like but that should all change this week, I've been working on new things and getting it all together to open my Esty shop. It's so much work and I want to get it just right!
Have a good week

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the award! I'm very honored to be in such great company. Very nice list. I especially like numbers 4 and 5 & even stole, er, I mean, appropriated number 7 for my very own.

lu summers said...

ah, i know, i'm such a bitch. i didn't mean to moan. i was honoured really. it gave me something to blog about, anyway ;)

(god, i just glanced really quickly at the security word, and i swear to god it looked like clitoris! it wasn't obviously, but just for a second...)