Monday, September 30


I've been in Cape Town for a month and my goodness, there are some amazing looking people here! I thought I'd do a little project for fun, of gorgeous women. I've so enjoyed it.


louloulovesbooks said...

Hello Stranger, it's good to pop in and see your lovely new images. Then, surprise surprise I see you are in Cape Town. I was there for 3 months earlier this year. Living in Muizenberg. A beach town of colourful beach huts, interesting people and a wildly beautiful coast. You have to go, on Friday nights, there is a cool night market with gorgeous food. The railway journey there from the city is amazing and I highly recommend it.

maria alessandra luccioli said...

i love them!

Anna Betts said...

Lou, that's so funny! Muizenberg is a beautiful place, went there last year. Was in Kalk Bay last week and loved the arty atmosphere. the train looks ace too, haven't ventured onto one yet, but must. Nighttime markets sound awesome! It's such a brilliant place, feeling lucky to be trying it out for a few months myself :-) xx