Wednesday, October 9

100 in 1 Day Cape Town

For the last few weeks I've been involved in the Cape Town 100 in1 Day project, a community-led day of 100 or more brilliant social interventions spanning the city. The organisers are the loveliest and liveliest bunch. Each session starts with a group shout of 'One hundreedddddddddddddd, IN ONE!". It's exciting stuff, not least because of the impact on local neighbourhoods this umbrella event promotes. 

This month's event takes place on October 26th. It will include, among many, many others, the painting of Kleinvlei skate park, free Wi-fi hotspot in Khayelitsha township, building a mountain bike park in Vredehoek plantation, and various sports and educational activities at Khayelitsha Kukhanyile Primary School. 

I'm excited! See more on the group's facebook page and website.

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