Thursday, September 19

Natural History


This week I visited the South African Natural History Museum, and it was incredible. What a collection, just amazing to look at, and even better as you're allowed to photograph. Some were plastic replicas, especially the fish (would be a bit smelly if not I imagine), but the stuffed animals were  breathtaking, albeit a little upsetting. Standing next to an adult hippo and being able to see its huge teeth, and seeing a stuffed African elephant killed over a hundred years ago within touching distance was bizarre. 

Anyway, it's the kind of place you could visit again and again, but these were a few snaps I collected on the day. So many furry, tentacled, boney, beaky things to see!

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Michelle Y said...

I grew up in Cape Town and a visit to the Natural History Museum was always a favourite. Do they still have the whale 'tank' where you could hear the recordings of whales and dolphins? Also loved the planetarium section where there used to be stores about the stars. So fun!