Saturday, March 19

Full of the joys

I just had a wander round our neighbourhood and found all this amazing blossom. I love this time of year, it's a shame things at uni are so busy as it's only too easy to miss all the nice things coming to life outside. Hope you enjoyed the sun today, it's been amazing!


Helen said...

Truly the balmy south! We have one or two trees with one or two flowers....but nothing like this yet. Full cherry blossom is usually early May but perhaps these are different kinds of trees. Either way, gorgeous...makes me yearn for spring.

Francesca said...

is there anything more beautiful than new spring blossom against bright blue sky? i think not. x

jessica january said...

ahhh i love spring!!!
these are beautiful!
i wish it was as bloomy here in edinburgh!

january, x

Shylee said...

Isn't like Nature is challenging you NOT to take pictures this time of year. I love the Spring!