Saturday, March 26

A bit more editorial

This week I worked on a self-set editorial brief. It was about the idea that feeling anxious during certain times of year can be linked to subconscious feelings from our childhoods. In my illustration I highlighted the example of feeling anxious towards the end of the summer holidays as dormant back-to-school-blues creep into our adult minds. Interesting stuff. And nice to draw chairs.

Hope you're having a super weekend - I've just been to a made it market in Cambridge, and am now off  to a jumble sale in a really posh village. Yippee!


Francesca said...

do they still call it a jumble sale in a really posh village? i bet you bag a bargain. lovely illustration. i totally get that back to school feeling every year. now i want to read the article, i must've missed it. i shall click to enlarge! x

red-handed said...

Nice work. I hope you get plenty more assignments.