Wednesday, June 30

Finding the way

So, rather fatally I'd been playing with patterns with a view to ending up with some nice new paper collages for the shop, but things don't often work out that way. There's something about experimenting whilst knowing that it should amount to something nice which instantly sucks any joy out of it! But then I started looking at the things around me, my turquoise collection piece, the box of Echo and Narcissus prints back from uni marking and I realised something...

Cutting paper letters is what I'm probably destined to do. I absolutely love it. And when I think about it, it keeps popping up in my work - the Tobacco Trader project, my Freakshow poster, my Porto typography book - and they're some of the projects I liked most in the last two years.

Obviously I still love drawing and making images but making type really excites me. I have some plans now for new collection pieces, in the same kind of format as the collection of turquoise but varying the theme. I'd love to have a shop full of lovely posters.... the first of which will be a new ABC poster (top picture) in the shop soon.


Floddertje said...

It's amazing what you can do with a scalpel. I find I rather difficult to cut paper nicely. Love your work!

saradowle said...

I used a scalpel all the time during my architecture degree, but now I've finished I'm having withdrawal symptoms!
These are great pieces!