Monday, June 7

Me me me

The lovely Cathy of habit of art contacted me a couple of weeks ago about doing a little interview with me and I immediately jumped at the chance...then promptly forgot all about it. But this morning I emailed her my answers and with impressive speed she's put together a lovely piece all about little old me! You can read the whole interview here. On her blog she also writes about her own creative practice, fashion and beautiful design.

Thanks Cathy!


Nicky said...

That was fun to read! ; )

Jon said...

I'll be riding your coat tails all the way to the top lady. Haha! Well done, you deserve a proper investigation. See you soon.

Galit said...

Congrats on the interview!
Love your workspace!
It gives such a warm feeling just to look at. I bet it is just as inspirational too.