Thursday, January 21

You are gold

This is the music-related project I was talking about.

Over Christmas we had to design the packaging for a CD we were to make, with all the songs following some sort of theme. The examples they gave were songs about dogs, colours or countries.

I chose chemical elements and packaged the cd using a nice contrast of plain white card, and crinkly gold card. I'd spent some time drawing minerals and crystals at the museum and making paper forms but liked the random nature of crushed card. It seemed much more like naturally-formed crystals than anything I could make using a polyhedron net.

In case you can't see from the photos the tracklist was as follows:

lithium - nirvana
helium hearts - super furry animals
carbon monoxide - regina spektor
oxygen - willy mason
neon bible - arcade fire
the sulphur man - doves
titanium expose - sonic youth
my iron lung - radiohead
think zinc - t rex
silver - hundred reasons
iodine - leonard cohen
platinum blonde - blondie
gold - spandau ballet
mercury - bloc party

I finally go back to uni on Monday and can't wait to get back into my work!


Mattias said...

i like the gold being crinkly. it makes the gold less perfect and more naural in a way.
and the playlist is just, perfect :)

Helen said...

awesome awesome awesome idea and a cracking track listing to boot.