Friday, January 8

neon and on

I'm still loving the neon paper but also sparkly gold leftover wrapping paper! I was kind of thinking about a magical forest when I was making this today.

I was remembering a folk tale my lecturer told us during our last lecture of 2009, which was about a forest that nobody would pass through for fear of what lurked inside. To cut a long and scary story short, there was a terrible troll that was trapped under a huge stone slab in the forest clearing and he made the sound of a small child needing help to lure people to him. Whoever was foolish enough to have entered the forest in the first place, lifted up the big stone and out he jumped! He'd then grant you a wish, but insisted you never thank him. Poor Tom (the farmer's boy - obv.) accidentally thanked him on three separate occasions and landed himself under the stone whilst the troll walked free. Pretty scary!

My collage ain't half as nasty, and is now in the shop.

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christine said...

love the sparkles