Monday, January 18

Charity shop goodies

I popped over to Ely on Saturday where my parents live, and had a few minutes to spare so had a quick rummage in the charity shops there. It's usually a bit hit and miss but I found these goodies. I love the butterdish as Prickwillow is a small village just 4 miles outside Ely and some years ago used to have its own pottery. It struck me as a nice piece of local history. And that lovely raised design? Well, it's a bit nice isn't it?

I also found a lovely pale blue knitted silk jumper with pearls sewn on the front. It's slightly rouched at the point where sleeve meets shoulder, so I see it as a little nod to the massive shoulder adornments Rihanna's wearing, whilst still keeping it granny chic!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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our little love nest said...

Love them!!! You have the best eye for simple and beautiful! xo