Saturday, January 3

Old china

All this sitting about being on holiday is getting me a little bored so I'm going to get my teeth into my "homework" this coming week. We're continuing the Cockney Rhyming theme but I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent which will allow me to draw pottery (I know, any excuse..). 

You see the genius lies in the expression "Me old china" meaning of course "My old china plate" = "Mate". So today we went to Emmaus, which I love, and I took lots of pictures of pottery to work from and give me ideas for china patterns. I will post how I get on with this, my plan is to make screen-prints and maybe emboss bits of them to add texture but we shall see...In the meantime I've just rediscovered watercolour and am LOVING using it! Oh yeah and I've been drawing old men in pubs too... it's been an interesting week.

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Heather Moore said...

Hmm, how interesting - both the drawing of china, and the expression. In South Africa (where I live), it's fairly common to hear people calling each other "my china" too. Must be a hangover from our colonial days.