Wednesday, January 7

Mucking about

This week is turning out to be quite fun. It started badly with my car being broken into at the weekend but now that's on its way to being sorted out (expensively I might add) I can concentrate on experimenting with new ideas and materials. 

Blotting paper is currently on my list on best things ever! How fun are these chromatography tests? You draw a half-inch circle of colour in felt tip onto a circle of blotting paper, cut a little 'leg' that will drop down and act like a straw in the water that you've got the circle resting over - I used a wine glass - and about 2 hours later you have a big circle with the different 'ingredients' of the ink split up. I've got a black dot on the go at the moment and its producing a bright cerise pink, very strange!

Other proper work is going OK but I keep getting distracted by these things! Must knuckle down today...