Thursday, January 1

By the sea

Happy New Year!
We spent a magical afternoon on the beach today at a really weird place on the Suffolk coast. There's lots of coastal erosion happening there so you get oak trees suddenly finding themselves right on the sea front, roots exposed. It reminded me of the opening to Polanski's Macbeth with the witches on the heath, it was misty and cold today so lighting a small fire was exactly what the doctor ordered. And we had marshmallows! What a lovely start to the year. Hope you had fun welcoming in 2009!


●• Tiny Red said...

looks like a magical afternoon indeed, happy new year!

nice to e-meet you and thanks for your kind words about my work.
your work is really lovely and so is your blog!
will be checking back :)

mansuetude said...

i love that your imagination wanders to MacBeth, and those witches while there... that is so wonderful.

great photos, suffolk is the country Boston Massachusetts USA is named after...

happy new year.

Sophia said...

Wow, I would love to know where this is so I could visit, it does look really eerie with the skeletal tree right beside the sea!
- Sophia.