Monday, September 15


I am loving the slightly colder evenings we're having. This time of year is so exciting for me as I always associate it with the beginning of term and new experiences. Plus the way the sun sits quite low in the sky (and the amazingly clear days autumn brings) means it can be a magical time for lovely contrasty photographs.
Anyway, this little picture was made after leaning out of my velux window in my room for some time this evening. The composition isn't amazing but I quite like the feeling of it. It makes me want to wear tights and snuggle up at home.


Francesca said...

i like it, the different angles and shapes. also reminds me of playschool...are you too young to remember playschool?

Anna Betts said...

Ah, fraid I am! I remember playdays but that came after.. It does have quite a child-like simplistic quality to it though doesn't it?