Saturday, September 27

Knitting and new stuff

So with the help of youtube I think I have grasped the basics of knitting! Silly really that I've not done it before but I must say I'm finding it most relaxing already.
My course is going well, I'm being set allsorts of briefs and being told we should be working 40-hour weeks....I've never heard of an undergraduate course being this intense! They're probably just getting us to get into good practice of actually getting out of bed each morning but still...
So far my favourite part of the course is called Print and Process and we're having to get lots of observational drawings together over the next 2 weeks that we'll turn into different kinds of prints (Monoprints, Etchings, Reliefs and Screen prints). Each process requires a different kind of starting image but I'm loving the simple colours needed for the screen printing induction we'll do. Eeee! I'm excited! And it's sunny! :) :)

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Francesca said...

i'm jealous. i want to go back to uni and play with stuff.

(yes, i am possibly going to comment on every post i've missed. i always do this, come back after a while and love everything you post about!)