Wednesday, May 11

Anonymous no more

This week I worked on an article about the internet and the increasing likelihood that we will be identifiable by the sites we visit.

I've started to notice it myself lately. I once went on the Habitat website to look at sofas and rugs and for a few months now an advert for a particular rug I looked at has appeared repeatedly in sponsored advert panes in third party websites. Does that seem strange? 

In other exciting news, I'm having a website of my own made this week! But, I won't try and steal your identity or anything if you visit it. I promise.


jessica january said...

i've noticed similar happenings myself in the past! kind of freaked me out. a lot.
great illustration, can't wait to see your new website!

january, x

uhooi said...

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Francesca said...

looking forward to seeing the website - exciting! i get soooo pissed off with that advertising, it spooks me! sandals i've looked at from office pinging up on hotmail. it's called criteo i think. go into your cookies preferences and delete everything from criteo. works usually, although i can't seem to get rid of heals pendant lamp ads EVER! x

Jen Collins said...

just noticed this & had to pitch in. i work in marketing for an arts centre & recently found out that companies can pay for a service (from google if i'm not mistaken) like that, where things that people look at pop up on other sites later in time as a reminder, hoping for a sort of 'oh yeah, that thing i was going to buy/go to/do'. i think it's typically more to do with remembering google searches rather than following the sites people look at, but it's creepy nonetheless.