Wednesday, May 4

It's the future!

This afternoon I finished this editorial about 3-D printing, which is the craziest thing I've ever heard of. 

In a few years time, according to some, we will all be able to download and manufacture anything from clothes to body parts on 3-D "additive manufacturing" machines - just like using a home printer. The machines work by building layer upon layer of atoms of a certain material according to a minutely-detailed design. It sounds a little far-fetched but imagine the possibilities! I wonder what it will mean for sites like Etsy, and for the future of "handmade"! Exciting stuff.

PS - Do you like my box kite?

PPS - I just realised how girly the colours are in my illustration, which is for a GQ article. Whoops. Do I change it?


Helen said...

we first came across 3d printing at a design show in Newcastle in October last year. Since then it's been coming up everywhere! i've seen 3d printed jewellery in Edinburgh in a couple of places this year. exciting stuff- they reckon one day they might be able to do it to build new organs!

Nikki Gardham said...

No, everyone knows GQ is for metrosexuals. Men are much more sophisticated these days......!

Anna Betts said...

Helen - I just spoke to my brother who works at Cambridge University and apparently they do it in the Materials and Metallurgy dept. I'd love to see it happen!

Nikki - What about Retrosexuals? I think I might be one of them...xx

Emily Jane said...

pink --> red is my vote!

3D printing can also be used for SKIN GRAFTS (< coolest part)