Wednesday, March 17

Softly, softly

Don't you sometimes just need a bit of quiet colour and tactility?

I've been making paper with little flecks of painted paper and gold card, a lovely way to re-use all those scraps that I end up with after a good scalpel collage session. I've also been burnishing with the back of a metal spoon to give clay a wonderful silky feel and a slight pinkness, like the pot is blushing.

My big project is coming along. I'm having to trick myself into doing bits of it though. I start off with a bit of typography, looking carefully at retro typefaces and reproducing them in colour, then I move onto a bit of architecture picked out from the cine films and finally, when I've loosened up I can get into drawing figures which is not my greatest strength. Add several litres of tea and you get an idea of what my work-at-home Thursdays are like. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Hope you are having a productive and fun week. And Happy St Patrick's Day!

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