Thursday, December 10

Thank you!

You are such a lovely lot, your advice was so helpful!

I'm just about to start making a set of 12 cards that will fit together to form this larger picture, as an extra to having the actual poster for the crit tomorrow. Both the cards set and the poster (which will fold into 12ths) will be presented in slip cases which I'm covering in chartreuse and white gingham, to pick up the colour of the pears and bird cages.

I'm pretty happy with the finished result, I think using fewer colours worked to bring it all together, and by highlighting the path it makes a clearer journey - like you all suggested.

I hope you like it! Thanks so much for your help!


louloulovesbooks said...

It's perfect

flowerpress said...

Wow, that is perfect!! Great the way you have reversed the line in parts. It really looks like a journey now! A+ :-)

Alex Hahn Illustrator said...

Anna, you are just too damn good!
This is a really cool way of answering the brief :)

Hope it goes down well tomorrow!

caramela said...

Its fabulous!
Annamaria :)

Francesca said...

LOVE it! esp the hands on hips. lovely work. you are rocking it at uni! x

Laura-Beth Cowley said...

your work never ceases to inspire me. i think this may of got me out of a rut. thank you.