Tuesday, December 1

Ceramic news!

So I'm pretty pleased with the latest set of tiles! They are all now in the shop. I love the bubbles one especially, and how the rainclouds have come out. Unfortunately the numbers one didn't turn out well - I'd filled them with red beads but the colour burnt off in patches. For some reason hot colours don't do so well as blues and greens. Weird. Anyway on those that have worked the glass is just so crackled and shiny! I love it!

Also, I just let Lucie know (as she's a woman obsessed when it comes to this stuff) that Portmeirion are reissuing some of their 1960s pottery designs in the form of mugs - perfect for the Christmas gift audience methinks. I saw this one in a posh shop today and they are just gorgeous, so tactile, and lovely in contemporary white - the sludgy blues and greens of the originals are dreamy of course but the new versions have a wider appeal I guess. Yum yum!


flowerpress said...

What a perfect blue in the bubbles! I do like your new plates too, bit jealous :-)
(And thanks Anna for your lovely words about my new fabric.)

sophie munns said...

Hi Anna,

thanks for visiting me in OZ. Like you tiles...esp the bubbles one and the diamonds from a few weeks ago! Love the glaze ebing so rich in that one! And love to see a whole walls of them...imagine...lots of work but quite fabulous!

helen said...


do you sell online in pounds anywhere, or just on Etsy?