Monday, February 2

Ice Ice Baby

I wonder how many people have blogged today with that title?

Anyway, one word.... SNOW DAY!!! 
Ok, that was two but you catch my drift (Hehe drift, geddit? Snow drift?) Uni was shut this afternoon is what I'm trying to say.
I'm now on a bit of a high as I like snow and my workroom and bedroom have the best big velux windows looking out onto neighbours gardens and rooftops, which are covered in snow. It only occurred to me that I never really noticed the shapes of roofs but when they're covered in the cold stuff they become really really exciting. 
I like seeing which houses have good or bad insulation and where heat escapes from the house and melts some areas quicker than others. Also I guess they are always the last places to have snow as nobody tramples across them. It's nice to have time to ponder these things instead of sitting in seminars! Ah well, I'll be back to it tomorrow...

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