Wednesday, February 18

Freaky Friday...or Wednesday.

Ta-da! This is the finished poster for my freakshow project at uni. It's A1 in size and the various components had to be printed separately (which involved coating and exposing the screen twice as it wasn't big enough to squeeze everything onto). I was initially a little furious about this, as it's just so much more work but it meant that I wasn't having to squeegee into any pokey corners of the screen, or be limited by not having enough room for the "puddle" where the ink sits two or three inches from the design. 

Using one of those gun-style jetwashers to clean the emulsion off the screen was a bit scary as it feels so powerful it could quite easily rip the mesh off the frame, but luckily all went to plan. I'm quite chuffed as I think I could happily do screen printing unaided now, so perhaps you shall see some in my etsy shop soon...


Eleanor said...

This is amazing. Funny, too. Congratulations!

Thank you for your lovely comment.

Eleanor. x

Rebecca said...

Your poster looks brilliant

Anna Betts said...

Thanks yo two! I'm glad you like it! It had got to the stage where you're so involved in something you don't know whether you've lost sight of the overall effect, so it's nice that with fresh eyes you think it's good.