Monday, November 24


Phew! I'm having a break from my essay and just wanted to show off the linocut I finished this morning in front of Bargain Hunt. My fingers ache but I'm pretty pleased, I just hope to God it prints OK. I'll be printing it in a really pale grey as an icy background to some little coloured wooden houses for my landscape print project. I've got allsorts of lovely mountainous scenes planned but only two weeks to cut, print and bind them into a book... erk. It's fine, it's not as if I have an essay to write, another brief to start and finish and picture framing to do by Dec 11th or anything...
Oh yeah, in case you wondered it's not proper lino, it a vinyl tile from b+q as you get six 12" sq tiles for £3 as opposed to a 6x8" piece of proper lino for about the same. The tiles are easier to cut through, though that can be a mixed blessing as you can see where there are holes right through to the backing paper! But because it's so cheap I just stick another layer on the back once I'm done to give it strength. Seems to work OK. I was thinking of printing it up in colour at some stage too, I think turquoise or golden yellow would be just dreamy!


AlvaroLondon said...

Hi Anna,
Congratulations for your work and blog. I read with interest your comment about this vinyl tile from B&Q. Could you please give some more detail of which one you used?
Thanks a lot!

Anna Betts said...

Hi Alvaro,

It was some time ago but it was B+Q value range of floor tiles, measuring 12x12 inches or so, and they were sold in packs of 6 I think. They were only a couple of mm thick so were very easy to cut through, but also quite cheap at about £4 per pack.

Hope you have some luck finding them!

moni said...

Wow, this looks really interesting. I'd love to see a print. Have you printed any yet?