Monday, August 11


I just bought this on ebay. I feel quite guilty as it's absolutely not essential but I rather fancied it and thought I deserved a treat! On Friday I had another interview at university to swap my course from Fine Art to Illustration. It sounds like an amazing course, and I think the interview went really well. I think it's nice to have things around the house that you actually use most days which remind you of a certain happy time. So this (which I'm now pretty sure has not got it's original lid, but hey) will have the dual functionality of storing sugar, and reminding me of the beginning of the next exciting stage of my life. Can you tell I'm trying desparately to justify my buying it..?

It's a Hornsea pattern called "Summertime" in case you wondered and totally goes with my other 1950's yellow and turquoise kitchen stuff.

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Eleanor said...

It's very pretty indeed! I would have bought it too.

Any news about transferring course? I did fine art and it was okay but I think illustration would have been amazing. I hope you get it!