Saturday, August 30

Framing happiness

I just thought I'd mention this beautiful oil painting that I started making a rather elaborate frame for today. I absolutely love it, and have become a bit obsessed with it. The colours are so gorgeous and the stylised bottles are lovely. It was painted by the husband of the woman I'm framing it for and it had a pretty amazing voyage back to her.
Her husband had sold it many years ago and it had been handed down to relatives of those who bought it. It had become very dirty and had a huge rip in the middle when eventually the persn who ended up with it thought he should return it to who would truly appreciate it, so tracked down my customer. She's had it restored and I'm now making a lovely frame combining oatmeal-canvas-covered wood with a natural pale wood outer frame. It's always a bit scary framing something old and delicate but it's a pleasure nonetheless. If only I could keep it....

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david santos said...

This is ART!!!