Friday, June 1

Boffins in Coffins the unofficial title of Giants Beneath Our Feet, a Heritage Lottery Project run through Chesterton Community College, Keystage Arts and Heritage, and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

It was based on a local cemetery where many famous Cambridge University alumni were buried and I was asked to illustrate a map to support it. I'm really pleased with the result.

Being able to control all the design and illustration from the outset was a nice challenge, and to end up with a real thing that hundreds of people will use is exciting. I enjoyed designing my own typeface too. If you've not tried it before, I'd thoroughly recommend

The map can be found at the Tourist Information Centre in Cambridge.


Francesca said...

v lovely anna. so good to see your style at uni becoming actual work now! exciting. i have designed my own font, but i didn't like it much! x

Michelle said...

This is such a brilliant idea. Great design!

machen und tun said...

this is amazing, i love it!!!