Monday, January 9

Giving it away

I'm getting back into the groove of doing some illustration work alongside the day jobs. I've just completed a really exciting commission (which I'll reveal once it's gone to print) and this was a little self-set piece about ignorance that I did today.

The article was about how we tend to outsource responsibility to people we feel know more about say, economics, or environmental matters than we do. Interestingly, the less we know about a subject the more likely we are to avoid finding out about it. Head in the sand stuff. I thought the idea of passing blame was interesting, hence the balloons changing hands.

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KBPortraits said...

Interesting take on the subject. I must say that I fully agree with you, though I also find myself guilty of the offense more often than not. Maybe we avoid such responsibilities in order to avoid inconveniencing ourselves? Basically I think it boils down to we as a species being a tad on the lazy side!

I love that you turned this idea into a visual.