Tuesday, October 25

Dinosaur disco

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided I wanted to do things differently this year. Cambridge is in the middle of it's brilliant Festival of Ideas, so my friends and I attended evening openings of five museums in town - each brought to life with music, light and alcohol. The Museum of Zoology is a brilliant place during the day, but lit up and with the addition of a DJ, it was like the coolest nightclub EVER. Such a good time! 


Helen said...

The National Museum of Scotland ('Chambers St' to anyone in Edinburgh) has just re-opened after a major, several year refit/refurb. I'm going with a friend in a fortnight, they are having a 'Later and Live' opening for adults with djs, food, drinks and lots of opportunities to have fun. Super excited!

Anna Betts said...

Sounds amazing! I look forward to seeing photos soon! I'd love go back to Edinburgh one of these days for a week or two..

Abi Stevens said...

Ah! I really wanted to go to that but couldn't get to Cambridge that evening on such short notice! :(
Glad you got to go though! Looks like good fun.