Friday, June 3

New Website

Get your bookmarks ready, I have a new professional website for my Illustration!


Francesca said...

looks great anna! you've really got a recognisable style. just saw your abacus-esque illustration. have i seen that before? i hope i didn't subconciously channel it. has a similar look.
still love labrador so much. x

Anna Betts said...

Thanks Fran! I think you did see it as you commented on it but it was back in November and no bother anyway, abacuses are cool.
I was channelling Paul Rand when I did it though (google paul Rand abacus, I just found he did FABRIC in that pattern!), and I think our versions are completely different - LOVE yours! xx

Francesca said...

thank you, that makes me feel better! it did come from a totally different place but you never know what you absorb do you. love the colours in the paul rand. if you ever make a print of labrador will you let me know? i love that whole series of work. x