Wednesday, April 27

I'm making a satchel

cardboard templates 

drawing out the pieces

two layers for base of bag, saddle-stitched together

Apparently I've finished university FOREVER. I'm so sad it's over. We've still got to hand in all our work in a couple of weeks, put up a degree show and do New Designers in London so it's not quite goodbye yet but I miss it already. Despite this, I've been working on a project that has filled me with unexpected amounts of joy. 

Working with leather is a bit tricky, but when you slice through its buttery softness with a sharp knife or set your first rivet it's just the most exciting material.  I chose a beautiful dark tan leather and brass fittings - and so far, so good. I wanted to make a portrait-format rectangular satchel with backpack straps, to carry my laptop around. I love the old school satchels around at the moment but couldn't find any backpacks in a similar style. I am beyond excited to see how it turns out!


Chapter 9 said...

Hi Anna :)

Wow wow wow!! Finished university forever...!!!
Well done you :))) Although it sounds like you're going to be a busy girl for a while longer. I know what you mean though about feeling sad - end of an era & all that! I felt the same (long time ago now!) but i had a newborn baby to keep me busy :)))

That satchel looks amazing ♥ You should defo put some of those in your shop - they'd sell like hot cakes :)

Hoping I might get to pop along to New Designers & see your beautiful work in 'real life' XXX

Anna Betts said...

Thanks Ashlee! Gosh a new born straight after uni? Wow, out of the frying pan....!
I'd love to do some leather stuff for my Etsy shop, but fear this kind of thing would be so expensive because of all the time involved. But we'll see - I'm glad you like!
Would be great to see you at New Designers, let me know if you fancy it as there's a way to get cheap tickets with a special code xx

Francesca said...

a satchel! i love how left field that is and how clever. looking forward to seeing how it turns out. great that you'll be at new designers too. it's a great show. i'll have a look and see when it is, i might sneak up on you! maybe we can get that potty mouth lu summers along too ;) x

p.s. i'm also sad that you're leaving uni. has it really been 3 years?! i have loved seeing all your projects and watching your beautiful style develop. good luck with the handing in and signing off. did you have a dissertation to do too?

Anna Betts said...

Ooh yippee! I'd love to see you at New Designers! And I reckon I could work on Lu...

I can't believe how fast the last three years have gone. I want to jump into an MA immediately but will have to gather some funds first. I feel an emotional look back through my blogging over the duration of my course coming on...

Thanks so much for all your encouragement over the years, it means a lot xxx

PS - Thankfully, we did our Dissertations back in autumn and handed in at Christmas (I got a 1st obvs!).

jessica january said...

wow, that's so incredible!! can't wait to see the finished product!!

january, x

Francesca said...

me too. obvs! which part of new designers will you be at? which dates? x

Anna Betts said...

Part 2 - 6-9th July xx

red-handed said...

So are we. Good luck with it!

cara said...

Well done on finishing uni. I'm currently halfway through my design degree and it's stressful right now, but I know I'll miss this lifestyle in the end. Can't wait to see progress on the satchel.