Saturday, February 19

Chop, climb, stick

It's been a while since I wrote anything here because I'm working on a very exciting project. It's involved climbing a stepladder and hanging things up with nylon thread, then tweaking. A lot of tweaking.

I'm not giving too much away yet as it's a competition entry for the YCN but here are some in-progress snaps. I can't wait to take lots of proper photos and share them, but you'll have to wait a little bit for that.

I should also mention that the wonderful space and numerous cups of tea have been provided by the kind chaps at The District, who have put up with me crashing about all this week. Thanks guys!

Have a happy weekend.


angelina la dawn said...

i'm intrigued!

Francesca said...

hello! thanks for your comment, i thought it was your neck of the woods, i was gonna ask if you had any tips. going to see the sculpture this morning.
this looks v intriguing, love the cut out text, beautiful. x