Sunday, December 12

Retro Food

The last project of the semester had us choosing between a range of briefs - from Darwin to Sea Shanties. I chose a combination of themes: Recipes and Mistakes.

I took four Betty Crocker recipes that struck me as particularly forward-thinking (circa 1960) and thought I'd do them with a bit of an atomic look. I also used type from old American motel signs.

There are plenty of things I'd change but I also had my dissertation in this week so it wasn't plain sailing! That's all done now and I await my mark after Christmas. All I can do now is consume my weight in mulled wine and hope for the best.

Tomorrow I start a short internship which will be interesting. Wish me luck!

PS - The Winter Fair last weekend was a knockout, we made £416 for our Degree Show!

1 comment:

Cally said...

Love the motel typefaces! The colour palette is brilliant; reminds me of a recipe book my gran had when I was little.