Monday, October 11

A weekend in pictures

I've been really enjoying Gemma Correll's Daily Diaries and thought I'd tell you a bit about the weekend I've had.

On Friday night some friends and I went to our local pub that was celebrating Oktoberfest with lots of German beers and sausages. We even had coconut beer that you could drink out of half a coconut! Not so much German but fun nonetheless. Isn't the Bavarian flag pretty - seen here in napkin form?

On Sunday we went to fish restaurant for lunch and ate whitebait. And today I'm trying out a new (vintage) printing set I found on ebay.

I hope it carries on being sunny, it's lovely outside. Here's to a productive week!


helicopter6 said...

Gemma's daily diaries are fantastic! Love your homage by submitting a weekend contribution.

Galit said...

Love your illustrative weekend! Awesome :)

Thanks for the intro with Gemma's daily diaries! It is absolutely fabulous!!