Sunday, October 19

Recent goings on

Hallo, it's been ages since I last posted! The first month of uni has been great, I've been so busy drawing I feel busier than I was when I was working full-time (and being paid for it!), but I suppose that's good. I'd hate to feel like I was kicking my heels on a course. We've had inductions on how to screen print and how to do etchings (telephone above is my attempt at this) and have been out and about drawing at museums, in the market and at the botanical gardens. All is going well I think, my drawing is changing lots already..

Next weekend I'm doing a handmade and vintage fair in Cambridge which is being held at this cool new art space which holds talks and meetings and classes on how to knit and stuff. This is the first sale and sounds pretty exciting. It'll be the day after my birthday too so as long as I can survive a potential nightmare hangover it'll be fiiiiiine...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!

It's Emma from school, I am sat in the staff room and looking at your blog. This is a lovely etching, very Picasso!

Love Emma